01 – April 10, 2015 Regulatory Update

 Service Quality:  This Rulemaking was opened to evaluate telecommunications corporations service quality performance and to consider modifications for the Commission’s service quality rules. Opening Comments were filed March 30, 2015 addressing a February revised Staff Report that recommended, among other things, that interconnected VoIP providers be subject to the Commission’s service quality rules. The Staff Report also suggested that the Commission compel interconnected VoIP providers to submit state equivalent NORS reports directly to the CPUC. The Office of Ratepayer Advocates filed Opening Comments suggesting that the Commission has the authority to regulate the service quality of interconnected VoIP providers and that it should do so. ORA relied on the alleged authority to regulate broadband conferred to the Commission pursuant to Section 706 (a) of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, the Commission’s subpoena power, and alleged authority pursuant to Public Utilities Code Section 710 (f), which allows the Commission to track complaints related to VoIP. CCTA’s Opening Comments emphasized that the Commission has no authority, either under state or federal law, to regulate the service quality of interconnected VoIP providers and that there is no evidence to suggest such regulation is necessary or warranted. CCTA also urged the Commission to pursue its concern regarding access to NORS reports at the FCC rather than impose state specific reporting requirements. Reply Comments are due in this proceeding on April 17.