Report — June 6


There were no policy committee hearings this week, as both houses have been holding budget conference committee hearings. Sunday, June 15th is the deadline to adopt a budget for the 2014-15 budget year. Policy committee hearings will start up again this coming Monday, June 9th.


Labor Contracting; client liability. Assembly Bill 1897 would hold a contracting business equally liable for any wage, workers’ compensation coverage and work safety violations committed by a contractor for any work performed for the contracting business “within its usual course of business,” even though the contracting business did not have direct control over the working conditions of the contractor’s employees. The bill defines “usual course of business” as the “regular and customary work of a business, performed within or upon the premises or worksite” of the contracting business.

The bill is Co-Sponsored by the California Labor Federation (Labor FED) and the Teamsters and is labor’s latest attempt at limiting or restricting businesses’ ability to use temporary contract labor on a regular basis. This is one of the labor unions highest priority bills. While the proposal is heavily supported by labor, it is equally opposed to by the business community, including the California Cable & Telecommunications Association.

CCTA is opposed to the measure but continues to discussing possible amendments with the proponents that would either remove the cable industry from the measure altogether or minimize the bills impact on the cable industry’s operations.

As reported last week, the Assembly approved (51-23) AB 1897 and sent the measure to the Senate for consideration. It has now been double-referred to the Senate Labor Committee and the Senate Judiciary Committee and scheduled to be heard first in the Senate Labor Committee next week on Wednesday, June 11th. This bill is on the California Chamber of Commerce “Job Killer” list.

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Implementation of New Timelines for CASF Applicants, Draft Resolution T-17443: This Resolution adopts new timelines for CASF applications, and more importantly, provides timelines in response to the new CASF requirements implemented by Senate Bill 740. Specifically, the Resolution determines that an existing provider’s “right of first refusal” in response to a CASF application will be accomplished pursuant to a September 26 filing by existing providers of their intention to upgrade their networks in their existing territory. The Resolution finds that existing providers may not exercise their right of first refusal after applications for CASF grants are filed by other providers. CCTA has drafted and circulated its Response to the Draft Resolution, which will be filed June 11. The Draft Resolution is scheduled for a vote by the Commission at its June 26 agenda meeting. Draft Resolution T-17443 can be viewed here

On May 27, the Commission issued a Proposed Decision by President Peevey implementing rules governing state video franchise renewals. The Proposed Decision mirrors the Staff Report issued in the DIVCA proceeding, with some minor modifications. CCTA will file its Comments on the Proposed Decision on June 16. The Proposed Decision is scheduled to be voted on at the Commission’s June 26 agenda meeting. DIVCA PD can be viewed here