Online Safety

To help educate consumers and provide resources designed to ensure that children enjoy a safe and fulfilling Internet experience, NCTA has launched a comprehensive Internet safety and media literacy initiative, PointSmart.ClickSafe.

PointSmart.ClickSafe. is designed as “one-stop shopping” for basic educational materials, simple training tips and information on easy-to-use controls so that families and children can make appropriate choices while using the Internet.

PointSmart.ClickSafe. includes several key elements:

  • Entertaining and Instructional Website. offers educational resources for parents and children to better understand how they can manage their Internet experience.
  • Free parental control software for cable Internet customers. Cable operators will offer free parental control software so customers can filter content and block content they find inappropriate for use by their families.
  • National Online Safety Summit. The cable industry will join with two nationally-recognized Internet safety expert groups to convene an inter-industry online safety “summit” in 2007 that will include a discussion of best practices among technology and media companies for ensuring safe, fulfilling and educational online experiences for children and families.
  • Productive Partnerships. Through partnerships with school and community-based education groups, the industry will develop, promote and disseminate Internet safety and media literacy materials.
  • Industry Online Code of Conduct. Cable operators serving more than 90 percent of cable households and more than 200 cable networks, have pledged their participation in PointSmart.ClickSafe. and have pledged to provide their customers and viewers with a  variety of tools and resources.

PointSmart.ClickSafe. extends cable’s commitment to helping families make choices about media use and content in their homes.  For more than a decade, cable has been a leader in offering customers TV parental control technology and PointSmart.ClickSafe. broadens cable’s commitment to include online safety and literacy.